Lou’s Montana Fly Fishing Trip 2016


Finally gathered enough members of the Technical Men’s Conference (old dawgs who have fished together decades) to head back to Montana. After last year, the fall, proved to be the best time for fauna and fishing. This year we centered our activity around West Yellowstone. The Madison lived up to its reputation as we fished both inside and outside the park.


We also paid a visit to the Harrington Ranch and were welcomed with the usual frustration of casting tiny flies (#20’s) to Mondo sized brown trout. It was also a time for old to meet new at the mailbox section of the Henry’s. Kirk brought out his Granger Deluxe and Lou brought his Sage Circa, most bamboo like, but it ain’t no Granger!


We managed to figure out how to fish the Madison outside the park: Get a freaking guide! Arrangements were made with Blue Ribbon Flies and we were rewarded with a great day on the Madison. Casting streamers proved to be very successful, as were indicators.


Madison 1

Guide Curtis Brown was an avid streamer believer. Needless to say, he brought a few streamers along, in case we needed extra?


Finally, Yellowstone National Park. Angling or not, its a very special place and should be seen by as many as possible. It also provides the background for a deeper conversation. The preservation of our precious environment.

Yellowstone 1


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