New Redington Rods and Reels for 2105/6 Season

Redington Fly Fishing continues to improve it’s equipment offering. This season’s introductions include the Hydrogen and Chromer rods as well as the Behemoth and Zero reels.

The Hydrogen Rod is the sleeper of the group and really should be cast or fished to grasp full understand and appreciate. This rod is an absolute joy to cast.

The Chromer series of spey and switch rods has and excellent all around action and a unique rubber grip to aid in running line grip and hand placement.

The Behemoth Fly Reel has and expansive drag range, large drag knob, great looks, and a comfortable handle. This rugged and very economical fly reel suits line sizes from trout to spey and saltwater.

The Zero Reel is a very simple click drag fly reel. The Zero plays well on lighter rods and tippets.

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