Winners announced in Native Fish Society Keep ’em Wet Campaign

Last winter, Native Fish Society launched the “Keep ‘Em Wet” campaign and photo contest to increase angler awareness about the negative effects of air exposure to wild fish.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’ve all taken fish out of the water to snap a photo, Native Fish Society staff members included. But the more we learn about these issues and take care of the fish we love the more healthy wild fish there will be to catch.

Below are the winning photos.

Mia Sheppard tails a beauty #keepemwet #nativefishsociety @miaflora2

A photo posted by Native Fish Society (@nativefishsociety) on

Jeff Hickman tails Steve Turner's fish on River X #keepemwet #nativefishsociety @fishtheswing

A photo posted by Native Fish Society (@nativefishsociety) on

Here are all of the submissions.

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