OPST Brown & Red “Almost-Intruder”

Here is another fly I will call a “Semi-Intruder,” and it will help a relatively inexperienced Intruder tyer to practice skills and increase familiarity with different materials and tying technique.

The Intruder fly style is as specific or as general as the tyer and angler may wish to make it. This is an example of a fly that includes the basic concept of the Intruder and will catch salmon, steelhead, and trout.

Overall, I give this fly a “C” grade in terms of its ability to maintain the distinctive butt and thorax sections of the fly style. The fly looks good, fishes well, but the materials all flow together.

As my Intruder tying and fishing progressed over a period of a full winter season, I made the personal decision that I wanted my Intruders to fish with a clear distinction between butt and thorax sections of the fly.

Intruder Essentials Cover

Intruder Essentials Cover

I published Intruder Essentials with a foreword by Trey Combs, to show 24 flies I consider that meet my strict definition of a fly that will maintain relatively distinct butt and thorax segments even when swimming. The book may be purchased from your local fly shop, from the Caddis Fly Shop, or on Amazon.

Eyes: Balzleyes, large
Shank: OPST Intruder Shank
Wire: Senyo’s Intruder Wire
Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus
Butt: EP Minnow Head Brush, Red
Butt topping: Red Ostrich
Butt topping: Montana Fly Co. Barred Olive Ostrich
Butt Flash: Mirage lateral Scale
Body: Pearl Diamond Braid, Root beer
Thorax Base: EP Sommerlatte’s Brush, 3” Chart & Tan
Thorax: Extra Select Brown Marabou
Thorax enhancer: Grizzly Flutter Legs, black barred; white
Thorax enhancer: Mirage lateral Flash
Wings: Blue grizzly saddle feathers (email or call shop for availability)
Thorax finish: brown ex select marabou
Head finish: EP Minnow Head brush, Root beer

Have fun tying these flies and deciding for yourself what you mean by the term “Intruder.”

Jay Nicholas

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