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As a lot of you already know, Matt Stansberry who writes for the blog had moved to the Rust Belt a couple years ago. Since moving back to Cleveland, Matt has been writing a monthly nature column for a publication called Belt Magazine. The columns are about the native flora and fauna of the Great Lakes. Belt recently published a journal collecting the first six months of articles, and artwork from David Wilson, who has done work for us on the site.

Redhorse Cover

These are stories of warblers migrating from the tropics to Toledo, the tiny joys living in the creeks of Lake County, the diversity and abundance of fish swimming through Cleveland, and a fungus killing our hibernating bats. They are stories about bugs and the people who love them, and the last wild places in Ohio and the misguided fools who would ruin them.

The essays and images in Redhorse present the wildlife of Lake Erie as it exists today. These are the shockingly wild inhabitants of our landscape.

We have copies in the shop. Stop by and pick one up. Or order online here.

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