Lower Mckenzie Report 4/8/15

LA 4

Caught a ride in Andrew’s boat and hit the lower Mckenzie this week. We were not disappointed. Anglers should look to the mid to late afternoon for hatches. We caught a massive black caddis hatch, followed by a brief March Brown hatch, around 3:00pm. The action was over a two hour period and ended as fast as it started. We did not get started until mid day

LA 3

These Lower Mckenzie piggy’s fell to an emerging march brown pattern. Andrew was having success with the missing link caddis pattern. The menu of the day was dries, and soft hackles. No Nymphing! Also, an assortment of cut throats were caught. Look to the faster water for the Redsides. It seemed like the cuts were in the “softer water”.

LA 2

With showers and cloud breaksĀ forecastedĀ for the weekend it should bring some rising fish for anglers. A special thanks to Andrew who rowed all day and allowed an old, grey haired, fat guy, to have a great day!


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  1. Mrmachinist says:

    As an old fat guy, I too had the same experience, cuts in the slower water, ‘bows in the faster water, black caddis hatching in the afternoon.
    I’ve been seeing March browns hatch sporadically throughout the day, from late morning to late afternoon. And nymphing has not been the ticket for some reason thus far.

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