CDC Biot Callibaetis Fly Tying Video

The Callibaetis is king on many of the lakes, rivers, and streams across the U.S. Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie this very effective Callibaetis Dun. While CDC and biot bodies aren’t the most durable materials, they are one of the most realistic. This pattern has proven to catch fish during a hatch that gives the fish all day to evaluate your offering. CDC floats high and provides a profile that glistens like a real wing.

CDC Biot Callibaetis

Hook: TMC 100 12-16
Thread: Dun Veevus 12/0
Tail: Hareline’s Barred Dun Mayfly Tail
Abdomen: Hareline Turkey Biots Callibaetis
Thorax: Hareline Microfine Dubbing Callibaetis
Wing: Light Dun CDC and Mallard Flank

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