Saltwater Crease Fly Tying Video Baitfish Pattern for Albacore, Salmon and Rockfish using cure goo

A few of my friends chide me about this Crease fly – they say it isn’t really a fly, calling it a Gummy Minnow. Don’t particularly care. My total immersion into saltwater fly styles over the last year led me to dabble with the Crease fly, Gurglers, Divers, and Bombers. This Crease fly seems ridiculously simple to tie but I have found it a challenge still.

First Challenge: I prefer to use a size 1/0 Crease cutter on a # 2/0 Hook. Maybe it’s just me but the sizing I show in this fly video seems to create a perfectly proportioned fly, so be prepared to make this decision for yourself depending on your choice of hooks and shank length. Second Challenge: I have only worked with Thick Adhesive Crystal Skin and I LOVE the stuff. That said, the material is very sticky so it will leave a gummy residue on my crease cutter tool that has to be cleaned off or else the pattern will stick and can tear when I try to pull it out. Final Challenge: I found that I achieved the best results when inverting my hook shank in the vise and VERY CAREFULLY aligning the lower edges of the pattern.

I prefer (at this stage in my crease fly education) crafting this fly with the Pearlescent Crystal Skin, because it lets the eyes show through the semi transparent material and the hook with Bucktail and Krystal Flash act as a spine on the baitfish.

Remember to cut a “V” shape in the back of the pattern to accommodate the tail. BTW: I forgot to cut the “V” in the video. The fly still fishes entirely effectively, but it is much nicer to cut a slot for the tail as shown in the Cutter Pattern Instruction sheet.

What to fish for with this fly in the North Pacific? Silvers and Black Rockfish fall to the Crease Fly and that’s a great day fishing in my game book. The fly has a unique appearance and looks pretty fishy; I like it and sure would like to catch a King on it this fall. Wish me luck.

Jay Nicholas

Crease Fly
Thread: Fine Mono
Hook: Mustad #2/0 or Gamakatsu SC 15
Belly/Spine: Bucktail – Fl. Blue over Chartreuse
Tail Topping: Smolt Blue Krystal Flash
Crease Fly Body Cutter: Size 1 (1/0) in my opinion this is a good fit on # 2/0 hook
Crease Fly Body Material: Thick Adhesive Crystal Skin – Pearlescent
Copic Marker: FL. Blue
Cure Goo: Hydro, Tack Free Flex

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  1. Shahab says:

    I’ve been fishing these flies since 1999…. The pattern is by Joe Blados, and is one of the most versatile flies for salt… little known fact is it was originally fished on sinking lines, and is a false albie killer back East. I’m sure you’ll catch a king on it out here! Have fun Jay!!!!

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