Caddis Crawler Fly Tying Video

I found this pattern about 8 years ago in an eastern Oregon fly shop. I’m not really sure of the name, but I know that it catches fish! When fishing this fly, I usually use it as a dropper off a big stone or other large nymph. It seems to fish best when there are large populations of small caddis in the river. That being said, I’ve fished this fly in desperation when nothing seemed to work, and had this fly save the day.

T. Torrence
November 2014

caddis crawler

Caddis Crawler

Thread: Black Veevus 12/0
Hook: TMC 3761 12-18
Rib: Small Copper Wire
Body: Bronze Quick Decent Dubbing
Thorax: Insect Green Hareline Dubbin
Legs: Black Krystal Flash
Head: Black Haretron Dubbing

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