RS2 Emerger Variant Fly Tying Video

So simple this pattern makes you mutter, why didn’t I think of that! Don’t let the simplicity of this pattern turn you away. This is an absolute fish catcher!!!! You can fish this fly with a light dressing of floatant in the surface film, as a dropper off your dry fly, or as a dropper behind a small flashy nymph. Choose your mayfly, match color and size, and then give them a try. You may be surprised!

T. Torrence
November 2014

RS2 Emerger Variant

Thread: 12/0 to 16/0 Veevus to match dubbing
Hook: TMC 3761 16-24
Tail: Two Light Dun or White Antron Fibers Split
Abdomen: Hareline Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing
Comment May be tied in an array of colors to match your hatch.

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3 Responses to RS2 Emerger Variant Fly Tying Video

  1. Clint says:

    The fly is called the RS2 after the originator in Colorado. It was his second attempt.

  2. Kevin Byes says:

    That’s an RS-2…Pretty popular fly here in Colorado…invented by a guy who’s last name is Rim I believe and it was his second and improved version of the fly. RS-2 stands for Rim Style 2.

  3. Dick Leir says:

    I was told by an Asian man on the Big Horn River 15+ years ago who lived down by Castle Rock Co, that he had invented the RS 2. Had no reason to doubt as heard it had come out of Colorado.

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