Green Butt Steelhead Stinger Fly Tying Video

On my home waters here in the Portland metro area this fly has proven successful for both winter and summer steelhead. It is an adaptation of a traditional Green Butt Steelhead Fly tied on a Scott Howell Steely Shank rather than a hook platform. Traditionally I tie this fly in a black and blue color palette, as seen in the video, but I also enjoy substituting the colors with a purple and pink combination, as well as, an orange and red combination. With twelve feet of Rio T-11 Sink tip and three feet of 12 lb. Maxima Ultra Green this fly rides true and has a profile that the steelhead can’t resist.
This fly has also proven successful on the Deschutes when the weather begins winding down and cooling off in the autumn months.


Green Butt Steelhead Stinger Recipe

Thread: 10/O Veevus Black
Shank: Scott Howell Steely Shank cut to length
Hook: Mustad Drop Shot Sz. 1 or Gamakatsu Octopus Hook
Butt: Bright Green UNI Yarn
Tail: Hareline Blue Buck Tail (Stacked)
Body Material: Black UNI Yarn (consider applying a rib of Mylar for extra flash)
Hackle Under-Body: Hareline King Fisher Blue Schlappen
Hackle: Hareline Extra Select Marabou Black
Front Hackle: Hareline King Fisher Blue Schlappen
Wing: Hareline King Fisher Blue Ostrich Herl (This can be substituted with another blue of choice)
Flash: Hareline Blue Krystal Flash
Dressing: Jungle Cock (you may also consider using Hareline Real Fake Jungle Cock Eyes)

Thomas Ranger

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