Wild Crazy Albacore Dory Fly Fishing

Tuna fishing is nothing short of crazy, like crazy good and we left the beach about 6:30 and by 9 we were into the Albies on the fly and seeing big tuna leaping after bait all around the dory and it just went on and on with some fish on the trolled fly and some on the strip after we cut the motor after someone hooked up and a few on the cast and strip and some fish that we saw take the fly and we saw tuna swimming around under the water and chasing bait and tuna leaping out of the water and fish mostly in the mid 20s range and a few in the low thirty pound range and they ate the fly so very nicely and it was so much fun and it went so fast and we had lots of ice and there was blood everywhere and we were stumbling over each other and sometimes had three on at a time and one fish got cut off probably by a shark and our lines got twisted around in a spiral three or four times and it was tough to get the lines untangled but we did and some fish just came unhooked and I am exhausted but we are going to make the Albacore run again tomorrow because life is short and when there are giant schools of grabby tuna you and I had better go if we possibly can right?

Jay Nicholas August 28 2014

And yes, this makes up for my previous trip when I never got a single grab from a tuna!

End of post, have fun out there folks wherever you are and yes it helps to carry 300 – 400 yards of backing on your reel because if you don’t you will be sorry and yes I I do have over 400 yards and don’t whine about following fish like someone  Iknowwho has about 175 yards if that and is afraid of loosing their line or is it losing a line i never can tell the best loosing versus losing and all that but we can talk about flies and lines later but not now nite nite.

Post Script:  4 AM and we are about to head out again OMG and I was awake at 2 AM so excited and whipped out a few more Tuna Special flies here and now it is time to make a PBJ or several and get the boat ready and the waders are out on the front porch and they will be wet from the salt attracting dew but who cares because we are about to go see what the ocean again and see what we find!  Bye bye.

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4 Responses to Wild Crazy Albacore Dory Fly Fishing

  1. Scott says:

    So jealous of you right now, guess I’ll go out in the lower bay here and fish for Chinooks and day dream a little.

  2. Randy Clark says:

    Most excellent report! I’ve gotta get back out there for those. Fishing out of that dory sounds like too much fun!

  3. Tapper says:

    Feelin’ it, Jay, feelin’ it! Stoke-o-meter pegged!

  4. Scheer Dawg says:

    Wow- get me a contact person, i’m in.

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