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The Pacific Northwest continues to be the leader of spey casting and innovation. George Cook has been at the forefront of researching, designing lines, casting, and instruction about spey, switch and fly rods in general.

George Cook has taught the “Sage Fly Fishing Schools” in the early days of the company. George is the manufacturer’s representative for Sage, Redington, Rio, Solitude and Tibor. George is an outstanding sales representative and is “simply the best” when it comes to answering the many questions regarding the companies he represents.

The Redington Dually Switch and Spey rods have become very popular for a number of reasons. The Caddis Fly Shop Blog put together some questions for George about the Dually. Below are the answers to our questions and as only George can do….ah, just read it!

Scandi or Skagit which is best suited for the Dually?

Depends on just what YOU wish to do. To be sure, any given individual Model will have a “Pet Line” but all in all, an angler can ply his trade with any number of lines to suit his preference Winter or Summer, Dry Line or Tip game. As an example the vaunted 7130-4 Dually is just flat ass awesome with a RIO Scandi 480, simply fantastic ! The 8119-4 Dually Switch is fabulous with the Skagit Max Short Head. We love the 7113-4 Switch with a Switch Chucker #7 and the 8136-4 Dually is crazy good with the New Skagit Max Long in a 550.

What rod weights for Steelhead, Salmon or Deschutes Steelhead?

All the usual subjects here…….6126-4 and 7130-4 for classic summer run use. The 8136-4 for bigger water, Salmon and winter work. The 7130-4 would be as perfect of a Deschutes stick as ever was at this price point.

What about indicator fishing? Is it suitable?

Unleash The Bobbers ! Put the 7113-4 to work with a Switch Chucker #7 and get busy !

What’s with the name Dually?

Dually means Dual or in this case Dual as in “Two Hands” !

What’s the big deal about the Dually? Is it the price ($245.95) or performance?

All of the above ! These 3 Spey rod models are simply the finest Spey rods under $500. By any manufacturer EVER and they happen to be $249.95 . A Great match with the New Sage 2280 and 2210 reels that set up well for both Spey and Switch Rods and are $149. And $159. respectively. These rods are right on the mark as performance and value meet on the curve. No barrier to entry for anyone looking to get into the Spey or Switch game the performance and value opportunity is here ! For some ardent angler’s these will serve as fantastic backups and they will get caught reaching for and putting into their starting lineup !

What is the best line to match with the Dually if your indicator fishing?

Great question…..if from a boat, go with a RIO Switch Line. If on your feet with some “Swing Game” on the days agenda as well the RIO Switch Chucker is unquestionably the go to line.

What is the best line for a Skagit guy to match with the Dually if you’re just going to swing?

Here’s a basic chart for Skagit-ology 3.0

Dually Spey Rods

6126-4: RIO Skagit Max 400
7130-4: RIO Skagit Max 500
8136-4 RIO Skagit Max LONG 550

Dually Switch Rods

4109-4: RIO Skagit Max Short 300
5110-4: RIO Skagit Max Short 325
6110-4: RIO Skagit Max Short 375
7113-4: RIO Skagit Max Short 425
8119-4: RIO Skagit Max Short 450

What is the best line for a Scandi guy to match with the Dually if you’re just going to swing?

Dually Spey Rods

6126-4: RIO Scandi 390
7130-4: RIO Scandi 480
8136-4: RIO Scandi 510

Dually Switch Rods

4109-4: RIO Scandi Short Versi Tip #4
5110-4: RIO Scandi Short Versi-Tip #5 or RIO Scandi 270
6110-4 RIO Scandi Short Versi-Tip #6 or RIO Scandi 360
7113-4 RIO Scandi Short Versi-Tip #7 or RIO Scandi 390
8119-4 RIO Scandi Short Versi-Tip #7 or RIO Scandi 435

The Method weighs in at a lean 6.5 ounces on a 7126-4 (12’6” 7wt) compared to the 7130-4 Dually (13’ 7wt). The Dually is 6” inches longer and only weighs .8 ounces more. Not bad for an entry level rod.

So, what makes this “the best buy”?
Well having just returned from fishing in Alaska for the General Rainbow Opener and having fished a plethora of rods on this trip ( Method Series (7126-4) , Dually 8119-4 and 7130-4 (Geo’s Pet Sticks) along with the Spanky New Sage ACCEL Spey series (Available August 2014) in both a 7126-4 and 7136-4). I can tell you that the Method sticks are simply “Laser Throwers”, vicious line speed, the Dually’s are the “Blue Collar Smooth but Powerful Operators”, that tantalize you cast after cast and this Brand New ACCEL is simply “Soulfully Smooth”. The Dually benefits from a dedicated group of designers who not only are part “Lab Coats” but “Out There After It Anglers”. Because of this things like weight, action, components and cosmetics get a group signoff amongst a true group of fisherman. These Dually Rods are simply “Scary Good”. At $249.95 they are unequivocally the best Switch and Spey Rods ever produced under the $500 price-point.

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