Row a boat for Ninkasi

From Kyle Smith, President, TU Blueback Chapter #196 Corvallis, OR:

The Bluebacks are hosting a fishing trip with employees from Ninkasi Brewing Company on July 19th. The Bluebacks have 5 drift boats signed up for the trip, but we’d love to have more boats from the Eugene chapter join us. We’ll be floating from Hendricks to Hayden, leaving at 11am and should be off the water around 5:30pm. We’ve instructed the Ninkasi folks that they’re responsible for their own lunches, snacks, and drinks.


Let me know if you have any chapter members that would be interested in joining us on this float. Should be a great opportunity to develop inroads with Ninkasi, who has been extremely generous and supportive of our chapter (and the McKenzie River Chapter 678) and we hope to continue working with for a long time!


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