Earth Day Fishing Report 2014

2014-04-22 12.45.01

It was Earth Day 2014 and no better way to celebrate it by going fishing with Brad (son-in-law) and launching The Beast. Ok, maybe Earth Day is not my most celebratory holiday, but it was another excuse to go fishing. Looking down river we could see partly sunny skies and we were full of anticipation of a nice day with “occasional showers”.

2014-04-22 13.52.15

Turned out to be a bit more than a “shower” at times. We got bombed by cold temperatures and hail. The Beast became an large bucket for a mountain of hail. Going fishing on Earth Day turned out be a test of survival. All these debates of global warming became a mute point as mother nature dished out some stinging hail and tremendous showers. Oh, the fishing? It was pretty good. Brad nailed a 17 incher and we caught a bunch of others on the infamous, the one, and only…..Mega Prince!
brad 19

Finally learned what is better than a Mega Prince while Nymphing….two (2) mega princes! We also swung March Brown Emergers on flat stretches and did well. The hatch is still strong late afternoon. Between the down pouring of hail, cool temps and “occasional showers”, Earth Day 2014 proved to be a great day.


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  1. Mrmachinist says:

    I too went fishing on the holiday formerly known as “Easter”, I tried to exhail is little C02 as possible between casts in observence. The effects of global warming had me fighting hipothermia all day.
    I could not dredge up any big redsides with possie buggers or mega princes however, the only action I got into all afternoon were cutthroats attacking my march brown soft hackle, parachute and renegade patterns.

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