New John Gierach Book “All Fishermen are Liars” Signed Copies Available Starting April 21st

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All Fishermen Are Liars By John Gierach

“I have to go fishing; it’s my job.” John Gierach can say that and mean it. But fishing is only part of his job. The other part is writing about his fishing adventures. And that’s the part we readers get to enjoy. In All Fishermen Are Liars, Gierach travels across North America from the Pacific Northwest to the Canadian Maritimes to seek out quintessential fishing experiences. Whether he’s fishing a busy stream or a secluded lake amid snow-capped mountains, Gierach insists that fishing is always the answer—even when it’s not clear what the question is. All Fishermen Are Liars covers fishing topics large and small: the art of fly-tying and the quest for the perfect steelhead fly; fishing in the Presidential Pools previously fished by the first President George Bush; and the importance of traveling with like-minded companions when caught in a soaking downpour. (“At this point someone is required to say, ‘You know, there are people who wouldn’t think this is fun.’”) Gierach may occasionally lose a fish, but he never loses his passion for fishing or his sense of humor. All Fishermen Are Liars proves yet again that life’s most valuable lessons—and some of its best experiences— can be found while fly-fishing. –

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“All Fishermen Are Liars is rich in the savvy, humor, and sidelong takes on our sport that have made all of John’s books such addictive reading.” – Paul Schullery, author of If Fish Could Scream and The Fishing Life “John Gierach remains the most consistently eloquent fly fishing writer of modern times.” – James R. Babb, Editor, Gray’s Sporting Journal

“A fisherman’s testimony to the faithful. . . . [An] Elegiac tribute to the elusive art and ineffable pleasure of fly-fishing, with plenty of information about how it’s done by true practitioners.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Perceptive and witty. . . . These lyrical essays explode with descriptions of beautiful places, big fish, and beautiful fish. . . . But Gierach can write about more than trout and salmon.” – Booklist

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