Lower McKenzie Dropping, Warming and Fishing Well


The lower McKenzie River is fishing really well. Dropping water levels and rising water temperatures are a good combo. Grannom caddis and March Browns are the important surface oriented insects. Peacock Caddis in sizes 16 and 18 and March Brown Parachutes in size 12 and 14.



Monday was calm and warm with sun and a very high cloud layer, the dry fly fishing was stellar. Yesterday the wind howled up the river and the fish were not feeding with the same consistency. We were able to catch fish on the surface, but the nymphing was more effective for larger fish. Our best nymphs were the Jigged Prince in all sizes, and the ever reliable Mega Prince.

April Grannom II



The weekend weather looks fantastic, get out there and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Lower McKenzie Dropping, Warming and Fishing Well

  1. Mrmachinist says:

    Set a personal record today for a Mckenzie redside, nearly 18″ on a March brown soft hackle.
    Also landed a very respectable cutthroat, around a foot long on a bead head dirty bird.
    Both were taken on the swing down stream bellow riffles in a flat.

  2. Charlie says:

    Am coming in to Portland for a few days in mid May for a graduation. Bringing a five-wt and prefer to wade rather than drift boat fish. Am I looking at he wrong river? Is the Mckenzie too big and flow rate too fast. Should I head instead toward Mt. Hood and check out the Sandy and Zig Zag amid others? Does anyone think I’d have a better chance for wading up there? Not really into steelhead fishing either. Just some nice trout fishing. Thanks so much.

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