Intro To Fly Fishing Classes 2014

Class water

We have been introducing anglers to basic fly fishing skills for almost 35 years now. Leveraging the teachings of Lefty Kreh, and inspired by the original casting classes held by Les Eichorn, Bob Guard and Mel Krieger this 6 hour class will have interested anglers on their way to basic fly casting mastery. Basic tackle discussions, basic trout entomology, casting, knots and fly presentation will be covered. All equipment is included and and we maintain a one instructor to 5 student ratio. Four hours of the course will be on water casting. Cost is $55, all equipment is provided, sign up at the shop or call 541-342-7005 to sign up.

Schedule for 2014

March 21, 22
April 25,26
May 21,22,23
June 18,19,20
July 23,24,25
August 20,21,22
September 19,20
October 10,11



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4 Responses to Intro To Fly Fishing Classes 2014

  1. kay prim-sorensen says:

    iam interested in your fly fishing class in may of 2014

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Give the shop a call at 541-342-7005. We have openings for the May Intro Class.

  3. Eddie Coleman says:

    Hello, my wife and I would like to sign up for an intro to fly fishing class in the July class. Please let me know if spots are available, if not we would consider the classes offered in August or September. Thank you for your time . -Eddie

  4. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Thank you for your interest. We have openings in August. You may call the shop at 541-342-7005, and ask to be placed on the list for August. We welcome you to our class!

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