Caddis Fly Shop Announcements & Anticipation

Last Saturday’s Fly Tying Clinic at the Shop was fun, attended by approximately three-hundred, standing room only persons, all throwing crumpled up twenty dollar bills and shouting more; show the whip finish; show the cement applicator jar; thread the bobbin again;  fold that hackle; and other unintelligible requests so numerous as to be exhausting to repeat here.

Seriously, (why?) there it was a nice quiet rainy day with some very fine people of all skill levels asking questions and me pretending to answer while I was tying coastal lake chironomids and 6 inch clousers for Bob Borden.  I tied a few Tube Flies too, and resolve to do more next time.

Next Saturday Fly Clinic (FREE) will be

March 1st from 10 AM to 4 PM

and I will again do what I can to accommodate requests from folks of all interest and experience levels including just selecting proper tools to advanced use of molecular physics in the design of flies that fish find irresistible.  Or perhaps i should say un-resistable?

Dory Charters – Finally! My friend Johnny Harrell is getting his captains license and will be inviting clients to book Dory Fly Fishing charters as early as Mid-April, 2014.  My blog posts relating the great times and fishing I have enjoyed with John and his dad Jack have always drawn enquiries from folks who wanted to book trips, but in the past Jack and John were only in-river guides.

Now they can officially provide services of the first-cabin variety to fly anglers out in the briny Pacific.  Stand by for  a full post on details regarding pricing and booking, or just get hold of the Shop and they will email me and I will email John and we’ll get it all figured out.

You will have the time if your life if you give this a shot.  It makes steelhead fishing seem like checkers at the senior center.  Black rockfish, Ling cod, salmon and maybe Halibut (maybe?) on the fly?

Nicholas’ Fly Fishing -Fly Tying Glossary soon set for publication!

Yes.  Years in creation, the Glossary stands now at well over seven hundred  terms, depending on how many the editorial staff cuts, roughly two hundred and twenty pages:

The unvarnished guide to meaning, origin and etiquette of words, phrases, flies, wisdom, fishing destinations, and angling morality:  an indispensible reference for fly anglers, family members, and the rest of humanity.

First press run will be at least ten copies priced at $9,995 and signed personally by me, so now is the time to reserve your copy.

Kidding.  I guarantee you have never seen a fly fishing fly tying glossary like this, anywhere.  Stay tuned.  Since Chris is in New Zealand, I billed the Shop for the first print run!

Fly Tying Tips Video: now accepting requests for a video that will review basic tips and techniques of the working fly tyer.  I have a list but would appreciate your suggestions as well.  Call the Shop and they will make a list.  Comment on this post,  Send an email to the shop or to me and i will try to accommodate your ideas if I am capable.

Have fun this weekend folks, hope to see you next weekend at the Shop and hear from you in-between.

Jay Nicholas

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3 Responses to Caddis Fly Shop Announcements & Anticipation

  1. Stevie says:

    OOhh, dory fishing? Want some!

    Looking forward to more about this.

    Thnx, Stevie

  2. Eric says:

    Thanks for the announcements. Appreciate the humor.

    Fly fished for may years but never tied one of my own. Got a 2nd hand vice from a friend and will be in on Monday for material. Been searching internet for suggestions of what material to buy. There is so much to choose from I don’t know the difference from a hackle to a hogs ear. How about doing a segment on materials for specific groups of flies for local waters: McKenzie, Willamette (Eugene area of course) lakes, etc.

  3. Jay Nicholas says:

    Eric: the guys at the shop will be able to help you with materials selection for local-waters flies and you can start slow as you like. I hope you can make it by the Shop Saturday and I would be happy to add whatever I can to ease your entry to the fly tying world. Biggest hint is that it doesn’t need to be complicated. Basics are where it’s at. Best Wishes and hope to see you. JN

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