Fly Tying Saturday: hands-on with Jay at the Shop

The weather outside is dreary and wet; good news and bad depending on just how high the rivers get by Saturday.  This is a great time for anyone who isn’t going fishing to dust off their fly tying gear and plow into the coming season’s supply of bugs.

I will be at the Shop this Saturday, and on at least two Saturdays over the next two months, with my fly tying gear set up and ready to provide hands-on consultations to help everyone from full fledged beginner to advanced tyers.

I’ll start about 10 AM and wrap up about 4 PM, and the entire time will be dedicated to the skill levels of the individuals who would like to hone their skills – no matter what level of expertise that may represent.  If you have never tied flies but are interested, I’ll help walk you through the basics from selecting tools to tying your first fly.  If you are an advanced tyer and want to explore new techniques or fly styles, anything from Saltwater to Tube Intruders for steelhead and salmon, we can focus on those skills too.  Chances are, one of us will be able to advance the skills of the other, and it’s likely that I will be learning from other tiers who drop in – that’s the nature of the fly tying game, we all learn from each other.

No need to bring your own gear (but you certainly can), you may use our Shop Class tools – just make a point of dropping by to share in the fun.  I’ll be working on some coastal lake nymphs in the morning and steelhead/salmon Tube leeches in the afternoon – but those are just the most general guidelines.

Bring your questions, your enthusiasm, and let’s share some time at the vise.  This is especially helpful if you have considered signing up for a formal tying class but are not sure if you’re ready.

I hope to see you at the Shop this saturday, February 15 between 10 and 4.  all you need is your enthusiasm and interest, because this is going to be fun.  I may even make a little progress filling my bug boxes too.  As if?


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2 Responses to Fly Tying Saturday: hands-on with Jay at the Shop

  1. Two dogs says:

    Very cool. Very nice to share your talents!! I hope that people in your area will take advantage of this opportunity. What most people don’t appreciate is the drive time you have to be at the shop like this. Says a lot!

  2. ZAC COLLINS says:

    So when are you headed to Bozeman to share the love?

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