Saltwater Coho Salmon Deceiver Fly Tying Video – Using a Fish Mask and EP Sparkle Brush

Coho Salmon are as likely to feed on little shrimp and various larvae as to feed on good-sized baitfish in the ocean, but when they want bait, they will chase streamer style flies with gusto.

I wanted to adapt the Deceiver fly style to a streamer that I could cast-and-strip in the open ocean when I thought I was somewhere within range of feeding Silvers. Pinks and blues are colors I have incorporated into flies that have been well received by Coho in the ocean, so that’s where I started with the design of this fly.

The Fish Mask makes easy work of finishing the eyes and head on this fly.

Jay Nicholas

Saltwater Coho Salmon Deceiver

Fly 5

Overall Length = 4”
Thread: Clear Mono fine
Hook: #2/0 Mustad 3407
Tail: White & Pink Saddles splayed out
Body: Pearl Flat Diamond Braid
Baitfish Belly: EP Sparkle Brush Holographic Silver
Lateral Line: Lateral Flash
Wing: Hot Pink & Fl Blue Bucktail
Fish Mask: Size 7
Eyes: 5/16” Adhesive Holographic Super Pearl
Cure Goo: Hydro, Thick, and Tack Free

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3 Responses to Saltwater Coho Salmon Deceiver Fly Tying Video – Using a Fish Mask and EP Sparkle Brush

  1. zac says:

    Is that the Pro light you are using? and if so have you found that there is that big of a difference? love you vids keep up the great work!

  2. Jay Nicholas says:

    Zac: yes it is and yes it does. the Pro light costs more but it just plain gets the cure-job done faster and that means a lot when your time at the Bench is precious. Kinda like having sharp scissors too. Thanks for your support, this is fun and there are a TON of new videos on SW flies still to come! JN

  3. Scott says:

    I think I’m going to need more fly boxes!

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