Saltwater Deceiver Fly Tying Video for Pacific Rockfish

Continuing Jay’s series on Saltwater Fly Tying: Black Rockfish are opportunistic predators and sometimes feed voraciously on a variety of baitfish – making them vulnerable to a cast-and-strip presentation with a wide range of baitfish fly styles. I wanted to create a fly in the Lefty’s Deceiver style that Rockfish would eat with gusto. Experience with these fish and other flies informed me that these colors should be effective, and indeed Rockfish do eat this Deceiver. I like the big eyes, but you can tie the fly with painted-on eyes if you wish, and that is more in keeping with the original Deceiver fly style.

Tie and fish this Deceiver with confidence. And have fun on the water and at your fly bench.

Jay Nicholas

Rockfish Deceiver

Fly 4

Overall Length = 4”
Thread: Clear Mono fine
Hook: #2/0 Mustad 3407
Tail: White & Purple Saddles splayed out
Body: Pearl Flat Diamond Braid
Baitfish Belly: EP Sparkle Brush Miracle Pearl
Wing: Steve Farrar’s Blend – Chartreuse & Purple
Eyes: 5/16” Adhesive Holographic – Super Pearl
Cure Goo: Tack Free & Hydro

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