Hottest New Fly Tying Tool: Marc Petitjean Stacker

This new Petitjean product is one of the most exciting innovations in Fly tying tools we have ever seen, no kidding. Marc Petitjean is a creative blend of fly tyer, innovator, and engineer. His tools really work and work. Not by accident, by design.

Other new additions from Marc include the Premier series of C Clamp and Base vises for traditional hooks and for tubes.  The 4 vises in the Premier series are a welcome addition to the Petitjean line because they provide a lower price, more easily transportable vise option with no sacrifice in hook/tube holding and tying effectiveness.  Top quality and great versatility locked up in this Premier Series of new vises.

Marc has a nice Tool Rack for us to hang on the stem of any of his vises too.

Traditional hair stackers are great, we have used them for decades, and this is no replacement, but they have limitations the Magic Tool Stacker overcomes. Seriously, though, Marc should have called this tool a wing CLUMPER instead of a stacker, to avoid confusion with the usual stackers we have used over the years.

Realistically, as we said, this might better be called a CLUMPER than a STACKER.

Here is why. When we think about our tap-tap-tap hair stackers, we want to end up with deer or elk hair that have their tips all exactly the same length. This is accomplished with gravity with the hair tips down, and then we grasp the bundle and remove it from a tube and tie in the wing with tips all nicely aligned.

The Petitjean Stacker is different indeed.

The Petitean Stacker works in concert with the Magic Tool Clamps, so you need to have a set Magic Tool Clamps already, because the Stacker is essentially an add on devise to make the clamps even more versatile. Remember that the Clamps come in MT1 Regular and MT2 Magnum sizes, but the Stacker functions perfectly with both sizes of clamps.

Essentially, you grasp fibers in one of your Petitjean Magic Tool Clamps and the Stacker allows you to neatly slide all the fibers down to one end of the clamp where you may now grasp it, and then tie it in as a wing. Surprisingly, this process works with materials as diverse as marabou, CDC, hackle fibers, deer, elk, moose, and a variety of synthetics and blends.

From CDC and Parachute Posts, tiny deer hair wings, to full size wings for steelhead and saltwater flies, the Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker will produce great wings that have eye and fish appeal.

Sure one may just grasp these materials and make a wing, but this tool makes quick consistent work of the job and produces superior wings.

The Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker includes a fold out Fiber Plucker and Fiber Comb that make for really precise and elegant fly hackle and wing finishing touches.

Below is an excellent video that demonstrates the Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker. The video has some really nice techniques aside from excellent instruction.

We see a lot of great innovation in both materials and tools coming along these days, and this Petitjean tool really stands out in terms of it’s innovation and versatility.

Give us a call or drop an email to the Caddis Fly if we can help you select the proper tools for any of your fly tying needs.


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  1. Sean Mooney says:

    I received the stacker for a gift before I could order it. I have had a few mishaps because I keep forgetting to leave my thumb in place. There are always a few mishaps with any new tool. Thanks for being such an excellent supplier of most of my fly tying materials. I have received the personal service I would have only expected when I could go through the packets myself. I have never been disappointed with the quality of materials or tools. I know I would be one of the first to complain if I thought I was being treated unfairly. I want to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of the online materials I have received from your store. I wish I could say the same of every online purchase. Have a Happy and Joyous New Year.
    All the best to you, tight lines. Sean M. Mooney

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