Keep the 10 mph speed limit on Applegate Lake

From blog reader Jim Barfield in Grants Pass:

An article a couple of days ago in the Medford Mail Tribune by Mark Freeman, their outdoor reporter, states that a group of water-skiers have petitioned the State Marine Board to raise the speed limit on Applegate Lake above the current 10 mile per hour limit to allow water-skiing and personal watercraft. This is one of the few lakes in our region where you do not have to deal with the noise, wakes and pollution of boats going over 10 mph. It is also an outstanding trout, steelhead, salmon and warm water species fishery.


I would greatly appreciate it if you could bring this proposal to the attention of your blog readers and customers.There will be a public meeting at the Medford library, 205 S. Central ave. at 7 PM on December 16th. Letters opposing this proposal can be sent to June LeTarte, Rules Coordinator, 435 Commercial St. NE, Salem, 97301 and emails to

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  1. Robert says:

    In my opinion going 10 miles an hour makes more of a wake then being up on a plain

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