Great Lakes steelhead season is here

From our bud, Captain Nate…

Giant migratory trout are currently flooding the rivers surrounding the Great Lakes. Hurricane Sandy had some adverse effects on last year’s fall run, but this year Cleveland area anglers are already having success.


Swinging traditional steelhead patterns with a floating line and long leader leader is a favorite technique for area fly anglers. This is the time for fresh chrome and fishing deeper slower pools as the fish enter the system is a great plan. While important during all times of the year low light periods early and late in the day are even more amplified early in the season.

Get after those Silver Bullets and some Chromers.

Look for a Pacific Northwest Perspective on the Great Lakes Steelhead season later this month, during the Captain Nate Wedding Extravaganza.

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  1. Mike says:

    Awesome fish! What rivers are you pulling these beauties from?

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