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Anadromy: Everybody loves fly tying videos — but fly tying comic strips? Incredible! I really like what these folks are doing at Anadromy, on the banks of the Hoh River, tying bugs and guiding. Here’s a step-by-step of an intruder. Here’s a cool idea for doing trailing hook bunny leeches. Totally radical approach.

Emerald Water Anglers: The guys at Emerald Water Anglers posted a note from Bob Margulis at the Wild Steelhead Center, outlining the steelhead potential for the Yakima in Washington. Given the good passage conditions in the Columbia in recent years and the good overall ocean conditions, the Yakima should be having wild steelhead returns of 15,000-20,000.

Blueback Chapter of TU: The Bluebacks are hosting Waypoints on Friday night in Corvallis. They’re also gathering up some great auction items and have a cool event shaping up. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with the new TU chapter’s activities.

Steel: Steelie Mike reports that Rich Youngers is shutting the doors at Creekside Fly Fishing in Salem. Please stop by and thank Rich and Kathy Youngers for everything they have done for our small community of fly fishers. Creekside will be missed.

Fishing and Thinking: Wendy Berrell out in Minnesota is writing some brilliant stuff these days, specifically about the fall season and what it means. Free protein falls from trees and swims in rivers; needs only be gathered by those who would dirty their hands. It is not shameful to walk with hands dyed in the black blood of walnuts; wear shirts spattered with the blood of fish. The mission is protein; it is around, to be gathered. It is not the case that it must be bought; using middle men and acquisitions of various sorts. Ducks can be chased with pellets propelled; squirrels, the gray rats of the woods, can be exploded by bullets and made to soup.

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