McKenzie and Willamette Rivers Fishing Well


Mid-day angling has been best of late. Fall light conditions are perfect throughout the day and peek activity seems to have shifted from evening to mid day. Clouds and sunshine have been present in the last week and the coming week looks like it sets up perfect for some excellent fishing!


Flies you need in your box for the McKenzie and Willamette Include the following:

Parachute Adams
Purple Rooster Parachute
Elk Hair Caddis Tan
Elk Hair Caddis Orange
Gray Drakes
Parachute Madam X Orange
Jigged Prince
Possie Bugger
Blue Winged Olives
Dark Cahill Wet
Chubby Chernobyl



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  1. Curtis says:

    Thanks for a great time. More fish than we could count. Let me know if you still want me to send over some photos from my camera you can use in future posts.

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