Cascade Lakes Report: Hosmer, Big Lava, East Lake

2013-09-03 17.33.27

The fall brings to the forefront how great the Oregon fishery becomes. Fall brings many options for fly anglers; salt water, rivers, small streams and lakes. Last week, I headed out with one of the Technical Men (old dawgs who have fished together for decades) and fished the High Cascade Lakes. It was a mixed bag of results, but not disappointing.
A late evening at Hosmer was our first stop. Much to our surprise, the kayakers, and paddle boarders were still present. Fast trolling of thin mints provided the best success after casting emerging Thorax Callibaetis to rising fish. Hosmer now has cutthroat trout stocked in the lake which was an additional surprise.

2013-09-02 19.37.27


The next day we chose Big Lava Lake as our destination. There was surface activity but we chose to work below the surface. Accompanied by Central Oregon’s finest weather, we did not land any reported “larger fish”, but enough to make it a great day of fishing. We stripped Thin Mints, Callibaetis nymphs, and cast Throax Callibaetis.
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Our last day was East Lake. We did see occasional rising fish but the combination of wind and air temps slowed down the hatch. Our timing could have also been better but , “it ain’t about the fish’en” it’s the time with good friends and the most scenic fishery around. Get out and enjoy the Oregon Fall!
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