McKenzie and Willamette Rivers Fishing Well Fall of 2013 Comes Early


Fall fishing is upon us a bit early this year and ideal conditions exist locally and beyond. The McKenzie and it’s tributaries are in perfect shape with regard to water level and water temperature. Each day light conditions are improving, and so is dry fly fishing. Parachute style patterns in standard Adams and Purple colored bodies have been excellent. Elk Hair caddis in a variety of colors and sizes have been productive. More and more bugs have been observed each day as we move into the Fall. Gray Drakes, Short Winged Stones are already out and October Caddis are all on the way. We continue to use hopper dropper rigs utilizing the new and improved Chubby Chernobyl as our indicator fly and a variety of size 12,14 and 16 jig style nymphs.


The Middle Fork of the Willamette has been fishing really well since the water bumped up this August. It’s back down to ideal wading levels today and excellent water temps and lower light conditions have kept the river below Salt Creek fishing consistently well. Similar flies as the McKenzie for the Middle Fork.


Steelhead numbers are way down in the Willamette drainage compared to last year and fishing has been tough at times. Currently we do have great water levels, light pressure and a few fish around on both the McKenzie and Willamette. We have some great muddlers and “Steelhead skaters” in stock, perfect for bringing a summer fish to the surface.


It’s a challenge to choose were to fish in the state of Oregon in September and October, just to many options.

Some of the Fall Highlights

The Deschutes has been in and out of shape lately but steelhead numbers look good and anglers are having some good days.

The North Umpqua has been it’s usual challenge with hours and hours of casting occasionally interrupted by a gorgeous wild steelhead.

The Owyhee River has monster browns that are in there prime during the Fall months.

East lake has been one of the best fisheries in the state this year with outstanding Callibaetis and Chironomid fishing.

Sea Run Cutthroat fishing is coming on especially on rainy day on the coast.

Early indicators are that Rogue half pounder steelhead are on the larger size this year. Early September has provided some the best fishing on the Rogue over the past few years.


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3 Responses to McKenzie and Willamette Rivers Fishing Well Fall of 2013 Comes Early

  1. Curtis says:

    wow, awesome photos guys. Can’t wait to partake!

  2. Mrmachinist says:

    Thanks for the good news, August can be the most depressing month of the year for a McKenzie fly fisher, I’m happy to see the fall comming!

  3. Mrmachinist says:

    The lowest sections of the Mac are not as active as the upper regions. Lt. colored duns have been hatching regularly but lower river trout aren’t interested in rising to dries much. Small beadheads drifted through deep riffles seem to be the only thing working the closer you get to the Willamette.

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