Fly fishing links: Searching the Web to waste your workday

Readers, there are a lot of fly fishing blogs out there, some of them updating infrequently, but still kicking out important and/or entertaining stuff.

Osprey Steelhead News notes a warm-water fish kill on the John Day. “ODFW biologists estimated that a total of 183 fish, 60% of this summers return, died when water temperatures rose into the upper 70s. While these type of random events are a fact of life for salmon in the arid west, they are exacerbated by land use changes and water extraction that further stress fish.”

Brian Wise at Fly Fishing the Ozarks has a few new fly tying videos up, Nick Granato’s Sasquatch Series and Thomas Harvey’s Trophy Wife, which Brian ties in tandem with his wife. Worth checking out:

John Montana posted a great report of 30 mph winds, crashing waves, and epic carp on the Columbia. “Most of the takes being of the darting, slashing, wave surfing, mind blowing type that I only see when the whitecaps are around.”

Matt Dunn makes the case for Pulp Fly 2 here, featuring a lot of my favorite fly fishing writers today. You need a Kindle or some kind of e-Reader. Buy it on Amazon.

Big char, bigger bears. The photos from the Admiralty Report are worth checking out.

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