Redington Dually Spey and Rio Short Head Spey Video Demonstration

The folks at Far Bank (parent company of Rio, Redington and Sage) have produced some awesome fly fishing gear for the Fall season. This is the first of a few videos discussing individual product introductions.

The Redington Dually series of spey and switch rods is the very best value in the two handed rod world available on the market. If you are looking to get into the spey and switch rod game the Dually series offers high performance for an extremely reasonable price. Dually Switch rods start at 4wt for the trout spey enthusiast and go through 8wt for winter steelhead. Dually two handers are available in line weights 6-8 in ideal lengths for most situations. We cast these rods with a variety of line types and they shined. In this video the Rio Short Head Spey is on the 7wt Dually Spey.

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