New Sage Method Two Hander Shines in B.C

The Photo below was provided to us by Deneki Outdoors BC West Camp. Check out the amazing steelhead and the absolutely cherry Sage Method 7126 Spey Rod in the background. It does beg the question, does the latest greatest gear catch the angler more and bigger fish?

Photographer, Scott Baker McGarva, BC West…

Angler, Jason Tonelli from Pacific Angler Fly Shop.

dean river steelhead with sage method 7126-4 Spey rod

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1 Response to New Sage Method Two Hander Shines in B.C

  1. Trevor Welton says:

    THAT’S the question you want to ask?? Mine is: HOW BIG IS THAT FISH?? JT is no small man… that must be well over 20 lbs…

    Well done sir. I am now officially jealous.

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