Tying a Tube October Caddis Fly Tying Video

Jay Nicholas’ fly tying quest continues, experimenting with trout flies tied on tubes. This fun video explores the October Caddis: one of the most fun flies to fish for trout and steelhead during the fall across the Western United States and BC.

This fly pattern seems to take well to the small classic tube as it is a relatively large fly typically tied on 2XL or 3XL hooks in sizes as large as #6.

Our experiments with tube trout flies have not delved into the #14-#16 range and at this point, we are not convinced that they ever will. But who knows what madness could overcome us at any point?

By the way, we would sure appreciate your feedback regarding whether you have tried tying trout tubes and your successes, failures and tips.

Fly 12

Key materials of this October Caddis Tube Trout fly are noted as follows:

Thread – Veevus 10/0 black:
Hook – Daiichi Short Shank Straight Eye D1640 #8

Mandrel – Small Pro Sportfisher Flexi Needle
Tube – Small Classic Pro Sportfisher Tube, black or clear
Rib – red small Ultra wire
Body – Dark Orange blend of your choice
Prosportfisher Hook Guide, orange, small size
Wing – Moose Body Hair
Body Palmered Hackle – Narrow grizzly hackle
Head – Black Ice Dub

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