Fly Cup Recycle Gets you 15% Off Fly Purchases This Friday-Sunday

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Bring in your old fly cups and stock up for the Summer fly fishing season. When you return one or more of our plastic fly cups you will get 15% off of your fly purchase this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Offer does not apply to other items.

possie buggers

This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on the basics and fill in gaps you may need for the Summer season. Golden Stones, little yellow stones, green drakes, soft Hackles, possie buggers, princes, small caddis, and parachute adams are flies that consistently catch fish throughout the summer. If you are headed to the high lakes we have you covered with callibaetis patterns, damsels, dragons, leeches and buggers. New steelhead patterns have just arrived including Squidro, living leeches, and “sparser” patterns for the low water we are having on the Willamette system.

see you this weekend.


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