Fly Tying Instruction Video: Tying a Tube Emerger McKenzie Special Trout Fly

As promised, Jay Nicholas takes trout fly tying to realms he has previously only dabbled in and shows how to tie yet another locally effective trout fly on a tube – this time an emerging McKenzie Special Caddis. The pattern is effective wherever larger caddis are on the trout menu. This fly style is very effective fished in lakes and many rivers and is often tied on a long shank hook.

Unlike the adult stage McKenzie Caddis, this emerger tube fly does not use much hackle and has a sparser wing and a messy deer hair head. You could add a sprig or two of Peacock green Krystal flash if you wish.

Be ready to see the wonders of an October caddis tube trout fly shortly

Our adventures tying tube trout flies are just beginning, and we are going to enter the bass pike and musky world shortly so hang on folks.

Fly 11

Key materials of this McKenzie Special Tube Trout fly are noted as follows:

Thread – Veevus 10/0 black
Hook – Daiichi Short Shank Straight Eye D1640 #8/10/12
Mandrel – Small Pro Sportfisher Flexi Needle
Tube – Small Classic Pro Sportfisher Tube, black or clear
Rib – red small Ultra wire
Body – Greenish Gray dubbing blend
Prosportfisher Hook Guide, green, small size
Wing – Deer Hair
Throat Hackle – slightly wider grizzly hackle

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