Fly fishing the Bitterroot, Rock Creek

I’d never fly fished Montana. I never saw“The Movie” and I never read the book. But now, I think I’m starting to get it.

I spent three days wading and floating around Missoula, Montana with swarms of bugs hatching, and big wild trout rising to them. Green drakes, golden stones, PMDs, salmonflies, and medium size caddis came off throughout each day, in waves. And every bend in the river seemed to be boiling with fish.

I’ve never seen anything like it. The West Slope Cutthroat trout might be my favorite new fish. Go to Montana now.

West slope cutthroat






Green Drake


Bitterroot River Montana


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2 Responses to Fly fishing the Bitterroot, Rock Creek

  1. David Jensen says:

    Thanks for this and other reports. I thought I had a great day on the upper McKenzie (Frissel-McKenzie Bridge) until I saw your fish! Montana is special, and as we have discussed, going Montana’s way would be the best thing ODFW could do for the McKenzie above the dam. You can’t book a guide on the Blue Ribbon rivers in MT until next year. It would be the same for the McKenzie if we managed the above the dam section for wild trout. My best to you and Capt. Nate. By the way, no Sqautch sightings or poop last trip down the upper river.

  2. Karl Friesen says:

    I have only two days available for south of the Missoula fishing. I am pondering either Rock Creek or the upper Bitterroot (around Darby), which would you suggest for September fishing?



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