Switchbox by Omnispool Product Review

Every once in a while a truly innovative product comes to the fly fishing market and really changes the way we do things. The proliferation of fly lines in the single hand and spey line world have created havoc in some of our gear bags, man cave cupboards and garage corners. If you want your fly lines to be organized, easily “swapable” and easily cleaned have a look at the Switchbox System by Omnispool.

The Switchbox is easy to label and spools snap together. The are great for travel because the box is light in weight and transforms into an impromptu line winder for easy on and off when you are on the water. Switchbox stores lines and organizes lines better than anything we have seen.


Many fly lines are now in excess of $70. Why not take care of them rather than losing track of them. How many different spey heads, lake lines, saltwater lines do you own? Switchbox keeps them at the ready.

switchbox by omnispool

Switchbox is available as a set that includes a Switchbox, Linecare Box and Crank Handle.

Switchbox spools can be purchased independently.

linecare box

Linecare Boxes that easily snap onto the Switchbox can also be purchased independently.

crank handle for switchbox

Extra Crank Handles are handy to have in several locations when you might have your Switchboxes.

Below is another cool video. You can see how useful the Switchbox outer frame is in creating a line winder in the boat.

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