McKenzie Caddis Wet Fly Tying Video

It’s McKenzie Caddis time of year on the Lower McKenzie and Middle Fork of the Willamette Rivers. Usually in the the late afternoon and evening these extremely active and large Caddis are available to trout. Aggressive strikes to skated and or twitched imitations are not uncommon. Tie the McKenzie Caddis Wet pattern in this video in tandem with another wet or a large dry and be sure to avoid the dead drift. Move this pattern in a swung or twitched fashion and you may just see some of the best fish of the year.


McKenzie Caddis Wet

Thread: Black Veevus 10/0
Hook: TMC 3761 8-10
Body: Lead Wire 0.10, Green Caddis Chewee Skin
Hackle: Dun CDC, Gray Hare’s Ear Dubbin, and Partridge spun in
a loop using the Petitjean Tool.
Wing: Deer Hair tied short
Comments: Gauge the amount of lead wire you used based on the type of fishing you will do.

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