Fly Fishing Offshore Oregon – May 2013

Here we go again, hopefully, into another season of fly fishing in the ocean near Pacific City with my friends Jack and John Harrell.

Last week was my first 2013 effort actually trying to target Ling Cod on a fly rod. The fish finder showed Lings under us at about 60-80 feet. Hummmmmm. How to get a fly that deep? Various Hi Density shooting head lines put me in the zone, but not as quickly or as often as my companions fishing lead head jigs on spinning tackle. The greatest obstacle to getting a fly deep is when the dory is drifting in a different direction or at a different speed than the ocean current.

I may not have explained that very well, but it is like fishing a sinking line from an anchored boat in a lake versus a river: the river current interferes with the sink rate of the line.

Suffice to say, I was thrilled to get grabbed by two Lings first thing during the day, and have more fly line options i want to try next time out on the ocean.

We fished in fog early and sun after about 10 AM. Limits of Ling Cod allowed us to head for schools of Black Rockfish and their depth of 20 to 40 feet was more easily accessed with a fly.

This ocean fly fishing experience is absolutely amazing and diverse after fishing freshwater lakes and rivers so much of my life.   I am tying flies and assembling lines for hoped-for trips soon to come.

Here are a few photos and images of last week’s adventure.


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2 Responses to Fly Fishing Offshore Oregon – May 2013

  1. Mike Morse says:

    Use a down rigger to get the fly down. When you are where you want to be pop the line out of the down rigger and hang on. What fun!

  2. Sam says:

    Do you remember those 30-foot lead core shooting heads from days long past? You are not finesse casting anyway.

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