New Fly Tying Materials From Hareline Dubbin


We have just received some pretty cool new tying materials and equipment from Hareline Dubbin. The team at Hareline is constantly pressing for new and desirable tying products to fit every “tyer’s” need.

new colors guinea

New colors in Strung Guinea Feathers Killer for Steelhead flies, trout streamers and so much more!

new color lady amherst

Baby Blue and Shrimp Pink Lady Amherst: Intruder Style flies begged for these colors and Hareline obliged.

purple hollow tubing

Purple Holo Tubing: available in Midge Size Tubing and D-Rib for tying small nymphs and wets. “Dimensional segmentation” achieved!

crawbodies from fishskull

New sizes of CrawBodies. Use these with Fish Skull Sculpin Helmets a few rubber legs and you have a wicked crayfish pattern.

clear cure goo premium starter kit

If you haven’t taken to leap to Clear Cure Goo products the new Premium Starter Kit is perfect. You get the 3 Watt light, a syringe of Thick, a syringe of Thin and a tube of Hydro with brush and needle applicators included. This is a sweet deal to have all the Clear Cure Goo products you need to tie fresh and saltwater fly patterns.

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