Willamette River Report April 19th, 2013

2013-04-17 12.13.23

I fished the Willy yesterday with Ken, one of the Technical Men’s Conference members. The day broke into sunny and partly cloudy skies as we progressed down river.

2013-04-17 11.54.27

Ken is a strong proponent of the “wooly bugger”. Dry flies which worked well; sparkle dun, March brown high & dry, and emerging march brown patterns. March brown soft hackles trailing behind the dry, provided much success. Ken, however, “ pounded them” early and often, with his own ‘bugger” pattern. Ken used the trailing soft hackle method during the later part of the day and continued the bombardment.

2013-04-17 16.10.51

The day provided many fish to hand and also provided one of the most intense grannom caddis hatches we have every encountered. I took pics but the camera does not do justice. Let’s just say there were so many bugs on the water the fish would never see our flies. March Browns were present from 2-3:30.

We chose to get down through the massive caddis clouds and on to better fishing. Anglers should enjoy the warmer weather coming over the weekend and increased caddis activity. Look for this great fishery to continue to produce for the next week.

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