McKenzie and Willamette Continue to Fish Well

mckenzie river fly fishing caddis fly

The weekend forecast is looking great for weather and water conditions on our local rivers. Be prepared for March Browns around 2pm and blizzard caddis hatch’s to develop as the days warm. Swinging traditional wets like Cahills, March Brown Wets and emergers continue to produce.

Nymphing tactics using Mega Prince, Golden Stone Patterns, Caddis pupae and small Pheasant Tails have been working well throughout the day.

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2 Responses to McKenzie and Willamette Continue to Fish Well

  1. MrMachinist says:

    The lower river was choked with caddis’ today around 1-3 pm. I only saw a single March brown, small trout and salmon smolts were the only activity on the surface. The larger trout as usual seemed to shut down with the heavy caddis hatch and smolt action going on.

  2. Mr Trout says:

    Nothing but small fish. Decent hatch 2-3pm but not worth the time yet.

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