New web sites for McKenzie River trout studies

Scott Kinney passed along a new Web site documenting the ongoing McKenzie River Trout studies.

The tag/recapture study launched in 2010. The purpose is to assess the effect of removal of hatchery fish on the native trout populations of the McKenzie River. Hatchery fish stocking was discontinued on this section of river in 2010. Quantitative information about native trout in the lower McKenzie River is limited and existing literature suggests that ceasing hatchery trout releases leads to increased wild trout populations due to reduced competition and angling-related mortality.

The more recent telemetry study Started in October 2012. Little is known about the seasonal movement of rainbow trout in the McKenzie River. This study will attempt to document the movement of several fish over the course of a calendar year.

McKenzie River Trout Tagging Project

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