There Snow Trout Like Winter Trout


Hard to believe we are only about a month away from the beginning of March Brown season. But, don’t wait for dry fly fishing to come back before you head out to the streams for trout again. The trout are there now, they are hungry and very willing to take flies. The Middle Fork of the Willamette has been producing some wonderful catches these past few weeks.



The best flies have been: Mega Prince, golden stone nymphs, bright orange bead head flies (I tie up a white gus bugger fly, and an orange bead on a possie bugger has worked) , and small egg patterns (I hear it is whitefish spawning season).



If the wonderful fishing isn’t enough, it is great to get out of the valley fog and see some of natures beauty in the “off season”. And hey, a little hypothermia is good for the soul.

Rick Bocko

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  1. parahoppah says:

    Hurt me- I tried this weekend and ran into a whole lot of nuthin’. Conditions looked good, but no takes.

    Nice fish and pics.

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