Spey Iron Winter Steelhead Fly Series – Cold Blue Hammer

This Spey Iron steelhead fly offers the blue/black hues that steelhead just seem to be incapable of ignoring. This is a silly statement, of course, because I have fished this fly over enough of chrome winter fish to know that they are capable of ignoring any and all flies on a given day/hour/moment.

That said, some great steelhead flies do incorporate blues and blacks and this is a bold profile un-weighted fly that is built to cast small, swim large, and draw fish that are willing enough to give it a go.

This is a fly that I would fish in water anywhere from a nice steelhead green to crystal clear.

Jay Nicholas
February 2013

cold blue hammer steelhead fly

Spey Iron Winter Steelhead Fly Series – Cold Blue Hammer

Hook: Alec Jackson Heavy Spey Irons #3 Nickel or bronze
Thread: Lagartun 95D Black
Tinsel Rib: Lagartun Oval gold, small
Pro Sportfisher Marble Fox Black edged with Pearl Krystal Flash
Body: Lagartun silver Mini Flat Braid
Body hackle: American Saddle Clump, blue dyed grizzly – narrow
Coq De Leon Feather
Wing: Ostrich, Black, and Blue Angel Hair

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2 Responses to Spey Iron Winter Steelhead Fly Series – Cold Blue Hammer

  1. Gavin McClintic says:

    Great to see another video from JN! I live in MI, so unfortunately I will not be able to attend the tying session at your shop 1/26. Any chance some of the flies JN ties on 1/26 will end up on the blog? Good stuff.

  2. Two Dogs says:

    I totally agree!! I just can’t see Chris passing up the opportunity to get some more of your work recorded. Welcome bacl! Mitch

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