Coastal Winter Steelhead Update

Most coastal streams are dropping and clearing. River forecast projections indicate this trend will continue next week. The weather forecast shows little rain activity until late in the week.
2012-12-28 13.30.23

The first of the winter steelhead have arrived and many anglers are finding success.

2012-12-30 12.45.55

Although not the brightest fish, this buck fell for an egg pattern. Once again the Sage 99, with indicator line, proved to handle the fish quite well. I continue to be impressed with the performance of my Lamson Litespeed.
2012-12-30 12.47.55
I had my fishing buddy, Brad, my son-in-law, along to help me land the fish. It was great to share the catch of the day with Brad.


The fish made for a nice dinner accompanied with linguini pasta and a sauce of butternut squash.

2013 is very near and may the New Year bring much success and happiness. Happy New Year to one and all!

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2 Responses to Coastal Winter Steelhead Update

  1. Jim Terborg says:

    Happy New Year Lou. See you in the shop next year.

  2. Mike Bellmore says:

    Nicely done Lou! It’s always nice to share a steelhead moment with a son in law!

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