Coastal Steelhead Report

2012-12-12 14.04.27

Last week proved to be a good start to the coastal steelhead season. Reports from the Siuslaw, Alsea and Siletz indicated fish being taken. The behemoth below was caught on conventional gear, but what a fish! It was estimated to be between 16-18 pounds.


Indicator fishing proved to be successful a few left over summer runs. Egg patterns, lowly glowly, and BH lifter type patterns worked well.

Another stop last week was the Alsea hatchery. It was strange to see the hatchery bone dry! According to hatchery staff, the drain in the holding tank plugged up with moss and the backpressure blew the grate off the drain. The staff immediately moved into a round up and relocation of 100 fish (steelhead) to make the repairs.

2012-12-12 16.55.21
It is currently raining and most of the coastal streams are rising. Predictions abound for a good steelhead season. Only one way to find out….get out there!

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