New Frank Moore documentary: Mending the Line

This new documentary is in pre-production, Frank Moore: Mending the Line

Tough as nails, gentle as a poet, and determined as a badger, 90 year-old Frank Moore loves to fish. A World War II veteran, in 1944 he landed along with some 150,000 other troops on the beaches of Normandy, France for the D-Day allied invasion. Despite the cacophony of war around him, the young avid fly fisherman couldn’t help but notice the productive fisheries on the rivers he and his fellow troops crossed as they made their way into occupied France.

This documentary project will profile Moore’s inspiring and dynamic life history and follow his return to France to fish the rivers that he crossed so many years ago.

There are few veterans in as good health as Moore, far fewer that are willing to take the time and effort to travel back to France to see the war grounds of their past.

In May 2013 the Uncage the Soul Production team will travel to France with Moore and his wife Jeanie, traversing the rivers and World War II landmarks of Normandy.

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2 Responses to New Frank Moore documentary: Mending the Line

  1. David Jensen says:

    Fantastic! I hope I’m alive to see this. I met Frank, Jeanie, and their two kids in 1966 at Steamboat. I was new to Oregon, and had been invited to Thanksgiving at some friends home near the Umpqua. The Moores had invited my hosts to come up for dinner a day or so after Thanksgiving at the lodge. It was closed that time of year. The Moores insisted my hosts drag me along. I didn’t fish then, but was taken by this amazing family. I started fishing the Umpqua in the ’70’s, and kept up with the family. Unfortunately, their daughter was killed in a wreck on the highway headed home, and that was tough for them and their friends.

    It was great for Caddis Fly patrons to hear and see Frank and Jeanie last year at the shop. Watching Frank cast at Alton Baker Park that afternoon showed he could still roll cast farther than any double haul, wind at your back, cast that mortals make from a boat.

  2. Colleen Moore Bechtel says:

    Dear David,

    I am glad you got to meet Mom and Dad in 1966. Just a little correction. There were four children. The oldest (in college when you first came), Frankie, is a doctor and is going with Mom and Dad to France. The second, Linda, was the one who killed on her way home for Thanksgiving in 1970. The third, Dennis, and the youngest (born in 1962), me, live in Glide, which is about 15 minutes from Mom and Dad. Thank you for the kind thoughts and memories.

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