Steelhead fly tying video library updated

Time to start looking back at the accomplishments (or wasted time depending on your perspective) of the past year. We have posted over SEVENTY steelhead fly patterns to our video library. We’ve added twenty patterns since last year — traditional summer flies, burly leeches and dead drift critters. Most of these are tied by Jay Nicholas and Tony Torrence, but there are also tutorials featuring Mike Brooks, Darian Hyde at Hareline, Rob Russell, Barrett and even Matt!

tony with summer fish

So fire up the laptop, bust out a twelve pack of Jubelale and invite some buddies to your table. Maybe you’ll learn something. So keep tying them steelhead bugs, as if world wasn’t about to be swallowed up by the Apocalypse.

The updated steelhead fly tying library!

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3 Responses to Steelhead fly tying video library updated

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Guys,
    I surely do enjoy your fishing and tying videos. I have been a steelhead fisherman all my life. Just now getting into fly fishing for them. I have fly fished for trout for a few decades now. Time to step it up I guess. Your help is much appreciated. I have yet to land that first steelie on a fly rod. Keep up the great work guys (and gals!)

  2. Shane M says:

    Thanks for posting these on the blog and now in a collection. I’ve learn a lot and my tying skills have greatly improved! I’ve also found out about a number of new materials you sell and use that work great and i wouldn’t have otherwise known about.


  3. ED B says:

    I enjoy all the article’s and the information on your sight. The video’s are very helpful and keep me up to date on fly tying. I recently move to Oregon and look forward to fly fishing soon. Thank you for all the updates and information.

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