Protube Clouser/Needle Fly Tying Video

The Clouser Minnow style Needle Fly is aimed at bait fish imitations. Tie it in numerous colors depending upon your pursuits. An ideal Sea Run Cutthroat pattern but also an excellent fly for Chinook Salmon.

Pro Tube Sea Trout Fly

Protube Clouser/Needle Fly

Thread: Uni-Mono
Tube: Clear 40/40 Protube
Body: Large Silver Flexi-Weight
Wing: Belly-White Bucktail (sparse) Back-Chartreuse Bucktail (sparse)
Black or Blue Bucktail (a few strands)
Eyes: Clear Goo Adhesive Eyes 5mm

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1 Response to Protube Clouser/Needle Fly Tying Video

  1. Ben says:

    I’ve always thought that one of the reasons Clousers make such an effective minnow imitation is that the offset weights of the hook/dumbbell eye keep the fly tracking “upright”, that is to say with the light/dark colors (belly/back) riding correctly in the water. Doesn’t tying this on a tube kind of defeat that?

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